A lesson in online etiquette

Adventure Girl tries her hand at Chatroulette

‘Show boobs or I will push the bird towards the snake!’ http://www.gizmodo.com.au/2010/03/nsfw-infallible-method-to-get-chatroulette-boob-flashing/

I recently spent a Friday night with friends playing chatroulette (don’t ask – we were VERY drunk). After all the hype, I had a fair idea of what to expect: randoms with their cocks out demanding I ‘show boobs’.

I wasn’t disappointed.

Me: ‘How many inches?’
Random: ‘Eight.’
Me: ‘Really? Is that all?’
Random: ‘Show your tits’
Me: ‘ ‘
Random: ‘Tits!’

And so it went.

Sadly I got ‘nexted’ as soon as the random realised I wasn’t going to ‘show boobs’ – though I did tease that out for a bit 😉

After ‘nexting’ ten or so guys, I began to wonder why any of them started with their pants on.

My experience wasn’t as varied and kooky as some (checkout ‘The Best of Chatroulette – What happen on Chatroulette should stay on Chatroulette’: http://www.bestofchatroulette.net/). It was penis-pump and animal-costume free, and disappointingly, I didn’t end up flashing my boobs to an entire music festival in a game hosted by Faith No More front man Mike Patton.

Maybe if I try my luck again this week…


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4 Responses to A lesson in online etiquette

  1. I bumped into my chatroulette friends this week who reminded me of another encounter that evening:Me: 'Come on then, get it out'Random: 'You want me to get it out?'Me: 'Yes'Random: 'You want to see my animal?'Me: 'YES!'The random reaches under his bed and pulls something out… something large… and green…A turtle.Random: 'Show me yours'Me: 'Fine. This is my pussy'And so I reach for the long-suffering Grumpkin and parade him in front of my webcam.-AG

  2. i heard a rumour that chatroulette is soon to be no more… apparently boys keep using it to show their cocks – i'll have to investigate that one!

  3. And now it's confirmed. A friend of mine just sent me this:http://www.theage.com.au/digital-life/digital-life-news/bare-cheek-chatroulette-cracks-down-on-saucy-antisocial-networkers-20100728-10uyt.html What will you do now?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?'Way to kill my Friday nights, Fun Police 😉

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