When ‘bitch’ just doesn’t cut it…

A lesson in online insults with Adventure Girl

I used to think I could hurl insults with the best of them. A bunch of 14 year olds proved me wrong…

CW: don’t worry my heart was already Brocken 🙂
TV: good for you :L
T2 : You misspelt broken.
CW: Haha – I did too !! 😛
CW: TV what’s that supposed to mean?
TV: shutup? wait are you the one who was being a hoe to TK? :@
CW: Haha scum : and if by being hoe yu mean apologizing for what was a missunderstanding than yes 🙂 now go stick ur big nose in someone elses convo annoyance 🙂 bye.
TV: fuck you bitch 😉
CW: Oh haha I just realized there was a reason ur covering ur face in ur dp >TV: shut up slut.
CW: Omg go away ur sooo annoying! Something with u corinda perople or whatever you are. Go back to ur hole leave me alone.
JD: hey um “TV” guess it takes a slut to know a slut, whore.
CW: Luvyu JD 🙂
JD: im a good friend eh?
CW: U can just detect when a slut thinks they know it all. 😛 haha she’s ugly too so dnt even think about letting her into the whore bizz aye
JD: no way, no room fo uglies in the um “services” industry
TV: uhhh pre sure your the ugly one, muttdogg, and its capalaba cunt. man your a shit faced slut, fuck off yeh?
CW: Lol nice try T1 but no one cares 🙂 I mean ooh ouch that hurt Ima go dig a hole and die now 😦
JD: ya, had a look at your dp, girl you gotta lay off the chips
TV: lol so your saying im fat :L
JD: yup, tubby
CW: Nah that’s just the grease in her hair making an optical illusion… She’s just ugly. Pure uglyness 😦
JD: the dog thats been eating too many chips..
CW: Haha yeah u can tell she’s been hangin round that ugly TK chik. Huh :s eughhh
DF: im such a jim in hehehe
JD: s’ok i did it too
TV: yous are all bull fucking shit. TK is amazing.. what the hell, how the fuck can you say shes ugly. thats so dog CW, your a fucking dogin slut. fucking shut up your embarrising. gay fag to that DF and JD kid, grow up and stop being so immatuer ! TK is amazing, your ugly, got it ? not stop !!
DF: wow TV, way to have ur period all over this post :/
CW: haha its funny, cuz they both ugly 🙂 Its ok hun, TK still loves u. go away?

Note to self: better start practicing…-AG

About Adventure Girl

Aims to push boundaries and step outside her comfort zone. This is where she posts her reflections and discoveries.
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