A tribute to Rose Buckner, a woman who knew how to get what she wanted

Adventure Girl ventures into the past to learn how to ‘Make do and live comfortably’, Rose Buckner-style.

‘No matter the size of the home, it is the way you plan it that counts. Like me, you may start off in one room. If so, make it snug and comfy, as it will probably be your home for a year or two.’

‘Choose as large and long a room as possible and plan it with a “his” side and a “her” side of the fireplace. At “his” side have a small bookcase with two or three drawers for his own private papers, cigarettes or tobacco, and have the wireless on a small table near his chair, and of course his slippers warming for his return — how men love this touch of welcome! Let him find his things just where he leaves them. …Arrange your side with your sewing-table, handy-box and all your odds and ends just where you want them.’

‘A tea-trolley is handy for fireside meals. Set the supper on the trolley, then wheel it up to the fireplace, where the sight of it daintily set will be a pleasant surprise to a tired husband. Have things very appetizing for this meal, and yourself looking smart and pleasant. Men love this cosy supper-time fussing. Keep quiet until he is well fed and well warmed, then ask for what you want — ten to one you will get it!’

(source: ‘Rose Buckner’s Book of Homemaking, Odhams Press Limited, London)

About Adventure Girl

Aims to push boundaries and step outside her comfort zone. This is where she posts her reflections and discoveries.
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