on being THAT girl

Adventure Girl gets perky

I’ve never been THAT girl before, you know the one who turns up to the party wearing not much on the outside and even less underneath, the one who makes the guys drool and their girlfriends look like they’ve been sucking on a lemon (minus the tequila shot).

Recently, at the summons of my current lover, I found myself inadvertently being THAT girl.

We were heading to a party hosted by one of his friends. I was a tad anxious. I never know what to wear, and was extra nervous because I would be meeting some of his friends for the first time and wanted to make a good impression, or at least, the right impression. So when I asked what I should bring and received the reply (knowing I write for this blog): ‘Bring Ms Perky πŸ˜‰ Black’, I was taken aback.

That could only mean one thing: he wanted me to dress in my little black Ms Perky-style number (otherwise known as my ‘tart dress’). Very black. Very short. Very sexy.

I was nowhere near home and had already planned to wear something pretty but sedate. The request was so out of the blue I didn’t know what to make of it.

‘Are you serious?’ I texted back.

‘Do your worst,’ came the response.

I had no idea what he was playing at, but I also found not knowing tantalising. Well, why not? I thought. It might be an adventure.

I raced off home, slipped into my little black number, pulled on my ‘invited intimacy’ boots, and made my eyes up to pop. A few finishing secret touches which I texted back (no details, sorry — a lady never tells), and I was on my way.

When I arrived the party was underway. I stepped inside and saw the reaction. The guys gawped and the girls greased. Looks that made their way down and then back up, and then down again. My lover greeted me and we worked the room, all eyes on us. It was like a role-play.

As I said, I’ve never been THAT girl before. I loved every minute of it.

Well, almost every minute. Less fun was being introduced to some of his workmates as ‘The Puma’ with a smack to my arse. These people meant something to him, and therefore to me, which made it harder to slot my role as ‘Ms Perky’ into the fantasy part of my brain, leaving a slight residue in the ‘objectified’ part instead.

Still, it was a LOT of fun. VERY outside my comfort zone, and something I can recommend you try at least once (somewhere that doesn’t matter, of course). Oh, and if you can, have one secret touch just between you and your lover saved up for later. Then ‘do your worst’ πŸ˜‰


About Adventure Girl

Aims to push boundaries and step outside her comfort zone. This is where she posts her reflections and discoveries.
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