The New Adventures of old Adventure Girl

So this is it.

Looks like I am actually going. Like really, actually going. After all the angst and doubt and doubt and angst. F**k it, I’m going.

Better than that, I’m going with barely a few days to plan, to pack, to panic….

No. No time to panic. This is the best way. I’m going to f**cking do it!!!

Galapagos, Lima, Incas, Amazon, Iguaza, the works. Well, almost the works. Minus some stuff, but you can’t do EVERYTHING. Not in one go, anyway. You want to leave something to go back for. Leave yourself wanting more….

I have so much to do in just a few days, it seems crazy. Am I insane? Or just adventurous. Either way, this will be a crazy adventure. And I need this. I may never get another opportunity.

Stay tuned for adventures galore…

…as long as I don’t get raped, mugged, murdered, or just lose my Internet connection again…


About Adventure Girl

Aims to push boundaries and step outside her comfort zone. This is where she posts her reflections and discoveries.
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