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Writer, blogger, clinical hypnotherapist and sexologist. Explores sex, sexuality, relationships, and little bits of life. Facebook: Instagram: @rhondaperky Twitter: @rhondaperky

The Magic Number

‘Is a girl who’s slept with 100 guys a bad person?’ This is an actual question on the dating site, OkCupid. Not, ‘Would you feel differently about a person, and in what way?’, but ‘Is she a good or bad person’? (Note: I … Continue reading

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Are we there yet?

‘Personally, apart from when we’re trying to make babies, I think WAY too much emphasis is put on achieving orgasm for both men and women.’ Like many women, I have never had an orgasm from penetrative sex alone. I have … Continue reading

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Disturbing Arousal

‘We’re the 4chan generation – can’t get off unless it’s at least borderline disturbing.’ – Anon (via Twitter) Recently I participated in a research project examining female desire and pornography. As part of the project I was asked to watch a short female-directed adult film … Continue reading

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‘Are you going to be a good girl?’

Rhonda Perky dons her collar and surrenders her will to her lover When I talk about being a Submissive, I am referring to my desire to be dominated by another, sexually. This means being objectified and giving up my will … Continue reading

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Whose threesome is it anyway?

Rhonda Perky goes under the covers to discover if three can ever be less than a crowd Ever had one of those drunken hook-ups that somehow end up with three of you in a bed? Or maybe you’ve arranged to … Continue reading

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Perky Commandments

Thou shalt not stalk Thou shalt live thine own life Thou shalt let thy partner live his/her own life Thou shalt keep thine crazy to thyself Thou shalt be responsible for thine own happiness Thou shalt not dump all thy … Continue reading

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Never known

It’s my back as I leave that you love best Everything about me that you’ll never know You love my absence Of identity Of responsibility an idea a Presence and the lack of anything more an Object, romanticised, sexualised never … Continue reading

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