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The New Adventures of old Adventure Girl

So this is it. Looks like I am actually going. Like really, actually going. After all the angst and doubt and doubt and angst. F**k it, I’m going. Better than that, I’m going with barely a few days to plan, … Continue reading

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What colour is your Polaroid?

Adventure Girl finds spiritual enlightenment… well, sees a picture of her aura, anyway So apparently I’m clairvoyant. I know this because Chris from Enlightenment Photography knows this. ‘See how the purple extends almost all the way to the edges? That … Continue reading

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‘Happily Ever… Before and After’

Thinking of getting hitched? Rhonda Perky shares her top pre-marital pointers, as found on ‘take your time to develop a friendship with your potential partner‘… because when the well of sex dries up, you need to have something to … Continue reading

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on being THAT girl

Adventure Girl gets perky I’ve never been THAT girl before, you know the one who turns up to the party wearing not much on the outside and even less underneath, the one who makes the guys drool and their girlfriends … Continue reading

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A tribute to Rose Buckner, a woman who knew how to get what she wanted

Adventure Girl ventures into the past to learn how to ‘Make do and live comfortably’, Rose Buckner-style. ‘No matter the size of the home, it is the way you plan it that counts. Like me, you may start off in … Continue reading

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the look of lust

Rhonda Perky pays homage to the website that aims to please by bringing you the look of being pleased… for real. Tired of seeing porn stars who look as though they’d rather be hanging out the washing, watching test cricket, or … Continue reading

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App downloaded, will f*ck

Rhonda Perky goes under the covers to locate an instant lover Pine no longer for tawdry men’s room hookups! TheXChange is an application for your iPhone or iPod Touch that will allow you contact people in your area (and outside … Continue reading

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