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Who is Rhonda Perky?

“Facebook is where we lie to our friends. Twitter is where we are honest with strangers” –via twitter Like most writers, when I work I assume a persona, whether I’m writing fiction or non-fiction, blogging, tweeting, even posting on a … Continue reading

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Whose privates are they anyway?

‘A job is not my life, social networks don’t make me and I’m pretty damn sure that 9/10ths of the executives who are judging people have either got a lot more to hide than the average employee or are just pissed … Continue reading

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The Magic Number

‘Is a girl who’s slept with 100 guys a bad person?’ This is an actual question on the dating site, OkCupid. Not, ‘Would you feel differently about a person, and in what way?’, but ‘Is she a good or bad person’? (Note: I … Continue reading

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10 Things I’ve learned about blogging

Adventure Girl learns a lesson in putting it on show I’ve been writing for Rhonda Perky’s Bitsfor just over a year now, and it seemed as good a time as any to take stock of some blogging lessons I’ve had … Continue reading

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‘Nobody buys flowers for the porn-pile girl’

Rhonda Perky goes under the covers to discover what it means to be a Modern ‘Slut’. ‘Men want women to be sluts and now they’re buying in,’ — Professor Gail Dines, quoted in the Brisbane Times. Until a few years … Continue reading

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Where has all the love gone?

Tiger Tale laments the loss of lovin’ in the world of cyber sex Driving home from work a couple of nights ago, I was stopped at the lights, and when I looked to my left I saw a young couple at … Continue reading

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Keeping the adventure alive, or ‘Homeward bound’

It’s my last morning in Buenos Aires and my last morning on this particular adventure. In less than an hour I will be on my way to the airport for the final leg home. As I’m writing this I can’t … Continue reading

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