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Whose threesome is it anyway?

Rhonda Perky goes under the covers to discover if three can ever be less than a crowd Ever had one of those drunken hook-ups that somehow end up with three of you in a bed? Or maybe you’ve arranged to … Continue reading

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Perky Commandments

Thou shalt not stalk Thou shalt live thine own life Thou shalt let thy partner live his/her own life Thou shalt keep thine crazy to thyself Thou shalt be responsible for thine own happiness Thou shalt not dump all thy … Continue reading

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Open, poly or just friendly?

Tiger Tale shares his views on sharing himself Let me start by saying I am ‘polyamorous’ (‘poly’ for short). According to Wikipedia: Polyamory (from Greek πολύ [poly, meaning many or several] and Latin amor[love]) is the practice, desire, or acceptance … Continue reading

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The ‘Perfect’ Relationship

Adventure Girl searches for her perfect match ‘I have to keep telling myself that while this relationship seems perfect, it’s an illusion.’ Like most people, when I first meet someone, I try present my best. I hide my fears and … Continue reading

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‘Nobody buys flowers for the porn-pile girl’

Rhonda Perky goes under the covers to discover what it means to be a Modern ‘Slut’. ‘Men want women to be sluts and now they’re buying in,’ — Professor Gail Dines, quoted in the Brisbane Times. Until a few years … Continue reading

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When the truth lies

Adventure Girl takes stock of a toxic truth ‘Just now I held up the fingers of my hand to you. You saw five fingers. Do you remember that?’ ‘Yes’ O’Brien held up the fingers of his left hand, with the thumb … Continue reading

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Smoke and Mirrors

. . …he had the ability to              hold up a mirror                         and somehow make you reflect him.

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