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‘Even better than …?’

Rhonda Perky ponders the place of porn in the ‘real world’ ‘Of course I don’t fantasise about my current partner when I masturbate – I get to have real sex with them.’ — Mr ‘Long Rod’ McHugen Dong Modern men … Continue reading

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‘up for anything, just don’t tie me down’

Rhonda Perky shares her quirk for intimate role-play Ever been stuck on a train late at night, possibly tipsy, definitely bored, when you find yourself watching the other passengers and wondering who they are and how they live? I have … Continue reading

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the look of lust

Rhonda Perky pays homage to the website that aims to please by bringing you the look of being pleased… for real. Tired of seeing porn stars who look as though they’d rather be hanging out the washing, watching test cricket, or … Continue reading

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Married Sex – A fairytale in three parts

***Warning – this post may ruin your best friend threesome fantasy*** Once upon a time, long term couples were encouraged to ‘share everything’, from a strand of spaghetti to the grizzly details of the monthly cycle. The idea was that … Continue reading

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When True Blood meets the Sex Pouf

Rhonda Perky goes under the covers to discover a miracle cure for Married Sex As tends to happen in long term relationships, intimate encounters become less frequent, less spontaneous, less imaginative, and before you know it you’re having Married Sex* … Continue reading

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