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When too much porn is never enough

Tiger Tale regales on what it means to need to start over ‘A growing number of young, healthy Internet pornography users are complaining of delayed ejaculation, inability to be turned on by real partners, and sluggish erections’ – Marnia Robinson, Psychology Today. It’s … Continue reading

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Disturbing Arousal

‘We’re the 4chan generation – can’t get off unless it’s at least borderline disturbing.’ – Anon (via Twitter) Recently I participated in a research project examining female desire and pornography. As part of the project I was asked to watch a short female-directed adult film … Continue reading

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‘Even better than …?’

Rhonda Perky ponders the place of porn in the ‘real world’ ‘Of course I don’t fantasise about my current partner when I masturbate – I get to have real sex with them.’ — Mr ‘Long Rod’ McHugen Dong Modern men … Continue reading

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