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What colour is your Polaroid?

Adventure Girl finds spiritual enlightenment… well, sees a picture of her aura, anyway So apparently I’m clairvoyant. I know this because Chris from Enlightenment Photography knows this. ‘See how the purple extends almost all the way to the edges? That … Continue reading

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the night she took a slice off the moon

It was dark, but not dark enough. Amber backlit suburban rooftops. She wanted to be hidden, invisible, to not exist. But she did. She wanted to know who he was, wondered where he was now. She didn’t know him at … Continue reading

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Epiphany @ 3am

It’s cold and it takes me and I hate you… …the mirror I hold to know I exist.

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I had a dream…

Christine Priestly ponders a premonition. Last night I dreamed I visited my dead grandfather. He was slumped in an almost-modern couch inside a box-shaped room. He wore a pin-striped suit. My grandfather never wore pin-stripes. Rheumy eyes peered up at … Continue reading

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