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Disturbing Arousal

‘We’re the 4chan generation – can’t get off unless it’s at least borderline disturbing.’ – Anon (via Twitter) Recently I participated in a research project examining female desire and pornography. As part of the project I was asked to watch a short female-directed adult film … Continue reading

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The Rules of the Game

This is actually the first piece I wrote for Rhonda Perky’s Bits, but held off publishing for obvious reasons. It came to mind just now given I am re-entering the Game, hopefully this time, better equipped! Happy reading. –AG Adventure … Continue reading

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Someone else’s slippers

Adventure Girl learns a lesson in friendship ‘Does this mean I’m dumped?’ In relationships, there are commonly accepted ‘rules’. There are statuses like ‘single’, ‘in a relationship’ or ‘f-buddies’. You form a ‘relationship’, you break up, and sometimes you make … Continue reading

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After the crab crawled, or ‘doormat-no-more’

‘She needs to grow up. She’s a dissatisfied middle-aged woman who sees herself growing old in an unhappy relationship, with kids taking away her life and she’s jealous of your freedom, although she wouldn’t have had the balls to make … Continue reading

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When a crab crawls out of its basket

From a very young age we are each cast into a mould. It shapes us as we shape it. We grow and evolve among like-minded people, or at least, among people who share a part of our mould. But as … Continue reading

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