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The friendship destroyer

At some point you have probably encountered a friendship-destroyer. I’m sure you know her, or one just like her. She latches on to you, you introduce her to your friends, she latches on to your friends. She causes fights and provokes jealousies. Your friends, who were getting along just fine before, are divided, and eventually their relationships are destroyed. Continue reading

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Someone else’s slippers

Adventure Girl learns a lesson in friendship ‘Does this mean I’m dumped?’ In relationships, there are commonly accepted ‘rules’. There are statuses like ‘single’, ‘in a relationship’ or ‘f-buddies’. You form a ‘relationship’, you break up, and sometimes you make … Continue reading

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Bearded weirdness or ‘Playing Paddocks’

A lesson in mixing friends with Adventure Girl Remember that game you used to play as a kid, where you drew up a grid of dots, as big as you could make it, then took turns to connect them with … Continue reading

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