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Reflection in search of an Echo

‘Adore me!’ she cries, again and again, ‘for without your eyes to see me, I might disappear.’

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Cutting the ties that bind

Adventure Girl learns the hard way that some things never change ‘I didn’t break contact because of the way he treated my mother in the divorce; I used the divorce as an opportunity to break contact. His behaviour at that … Continue reading

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When the truth lies

Adventure Girl takes stock of a toxic truth ‘Just now I held up the fingers of my hand to you. You saw five fingers. Do you remember that?’ ‘Yes’ O’Brien held up the fingers of his left hand, with the thumb … Continue reading

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Smoke and Mirrors

. . …he had the ability to              hold up a mirror                         and somehow make you reflect him.

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‘Of all the girls, I choose you.’

Adventure Girl puts the pieces together A while back I wrote a post on being THAT girl. Recently, and to my horror, I discovered I can be another kind of girl, too. The girl you see on trains with a … Continue reading

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Nothing ventured, nothing gained

A lesson in reconciliation with Adventure Girl ‘You look so old.’ I’d just stepped into the restaurant. It took me a moment to recognise him. I was expecting someone tall, bearded and grey: the father I had last seen almost … Continue reading

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the night she took a slice off the moon

It was dark, but not dark enough. Amber backlit suburban rooftops. She wanted to be hidden, invisible, to not exist. But she did. She wanted to know who he was, wondered where he was now. She didn’t know him at … Continue reading

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Epiphany @ 3am

It’s cold and it takes me and I hate you… …the mirror I hold to know I exist.

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