Kinky, quirky and a little bit perky, Rhonda Perky’s Bits explores sex, sexuality, relationships and little bits of life.

Rhonda Perky is a budding Sexologist with a keen interest in sex, sexuality and little bits of life. Kinky, perky and a little bit quirky, she enjoys going under-the-covers to discover tips and tricks for the uninitiated. Follow Rhonda on Twitter @rhondaperky

Adventure Girl has set herself a quest to abandon her ‘default’ life path and head outside her comfort zone, sharing the lessons that she learns.

Tiger Tale is a mad collector of books and spends a lot of time making sure he doesn’t go to work too much. Tiger is on a search for love and affection and their true meaning to him.

Christine Priestly writes fiction and creative non-fiction. She contributes regularly to The Lifted Brow and her work has appeared in Visible InkPAN Magazine. She knows you can never own too many pairs of stilettos or love enough cats. Read more of Christine’s posts at Live Read Write or follow her on Twitter @C_Priestly

Roberta Bust is on a mission to regain her sexual confidence and open herself up to different experiences, sharing her exploits as she goes.

Mad Julie lives to promote the madness… when her brain doesn’t explode from activity overload.

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