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Mad Julie lives to promote the madness… when her brain doesn't explode from activity overload.

Soul-Sucking Demons

Mad Julie exorcises her right to a demon-free workplace So what do you do if you are stuck working with soul-sucking demons? Well let me tell you my little tale of what I have tried, tested, and scratched out… before … Continue reading

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the world according to Mad Julie

Mad Julie on… working in an open plan office …put up mirrors around your desk to see who is coming around the corner… then strategically jump under your desk and pull your chair in! …get a bean bag… don’t fill … Continue reading

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Mad Julie gets positive

Affirmations for today: i am vague i am tired i am fuzzy i am mush i am counting down the minutes til the end of the day and the week… i am trying to hide from scary work people i … Continue reading

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