the world according to Mad Julie

Mad Julie on…

working in an open plan office

…put up mirrors around your desk to see who is coming around the corner… then strategically jump under your desk and pull your chair in!

…get a bean bag… don’t fill it… place it under your desk or corner of your pod… and jump inside when pesky colleague/client/boss appears.

avoiding social occasions

…it’s totally the right day to pike 🙂

…do you need to physically be there or mentally? with or without attitude be there? or can you tell them that you will astrally project yourself there? then if it doesn’t work, it wasn’t your fault.

…pretend you have developed multiple personality disorder and today’s personality ‘Margie’ believes that she has baseball 2nite so can’t do dinner.

the midweek blues

…i’m struggling today and my head is woolly and overloaded…. maybe after my last meeting for the day i just skedaddle and crash on my couch.

…its sad but true – already over tuesday….. and in need of a glass of wine…. make that 2 gallons of booze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

negative horoscope readings

…ignore it and just follow your path…. blissfully….


…hide from them!

rhonda perky

…when rhonda perky’s closet door opens up unparalleled levels of evil spill out!!! remember pandora – well guess who taught her???


About Mad Julie

Mad Julie lives to promote the madness… when her brain doesn't explode from activity overload.
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