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Finding my new ‘normal’

Adventure Girl learns a lesson in life after breast cancer ‘You are a strong person. Just because you are feeling these things now doesn’t mean you aren’t strong underneath. You are reacting to things that have happened to you, and that’s … Continue reading

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Drawing back the curtains

Adventure Girl finds a way to let in the light Sometimes it feels like I’m sitting alone in the dark — wherever I happen to be — and that no matter how many different ways I try to get to … Continue reading

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Learning my limits

Roberta Bust opens up about swinging solo Since my last blog, my situation has changed. I am no longer in an open marriage; we decided that it was better to part ways. Now, I am separated and learning how to … Continue reading

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Who is Rhonda Perky?

“Facebook is where we lie to our friends. Twitter is where we are honest with strangers” –via twitter Like most writers, when I work I assume a persona, whether I’m writing fiction or non-fiction, blogging, tweeting, even posting on a … Continue reading

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Tiger Tale Regales… on being THAT guy

A short response to being THAT girl from Tiger Tale Let me preface by saying I’m a geek and a nerd. I take pride in my geekiness and childlike delight in old cartoons and dressing up like a fool. Let’s … Continue reading

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why Wing Men are more fun

Adventure Girl learns a lesson on dating in-the-flesh Have you ever been out on the town, keeping an eye out for possibles, as they hunt you, but when you finally get your chance to meet, talk, drink (and hopefully a bit … Continue reading

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on being THAT girl

Adventure Girl gets perky I’ve never been THAT girl before, you know the one who turns up to the party wearing not much on the outside and even less underneath, the one who makes the guys drool and their girlfriends … Continue reading

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