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Drawing back the curtains

Adventure Girl finds a way to let in the light Sometimes it feels like I’m sitting alone in the dark — wherever I happen to be — and that no matter how many different ways I try to get to … Continue reading

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My dirty little secret, or ‘just another coming out story’

Adventure girl learns a lesson on playing for both sides ‘How did you cope being in a heterosexual relationship for ten years?’ For as long as I can remember, I’ve had a boyfriend. For longer than that, I’ve had fantasies … Continue reading

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A busty confession

Roberta Bust opens up about opening her relationship I never thought I would ever be in this position. I’m 29, happily married to an amazing man (let’s call him ‘Ben’). He is my best friend, my confidante, my whole world, … Continue reading

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Perky Commandments

Thou shalt not stalk Thou shalt live thine own life Thou shalt let thy partner live his/her own life Thou shalt keep thine crazy to thyself Thou shalt be responsible for thine own happiness Thou shalt not dump all thy … Continue reading

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The ‘Perfect’ Relationship

Adventure Girl searches for her perfect match ‘I have to keep telling myself that while this relationship seems perfect, it’s an illusion.’ Like most people, when I first meet someone, I try present my best. I hide my fears and … Continue reading

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‘Of all the girls, I choose you.’

Adventure Girl puts the pieces together A while back I wrote a post on being THAT girl. Recently, and to my horror, I discovered I can be another kind of girl, too. The girl you see on trains with a … Continue reading

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After the crab crawled, or ‘doormat-no-more’

‘She needs to grow up. She’s a dissatisfied middle-aged woman who sees herself growing old in an unhappy relationship, with kids taking away her life and she’s jealous of your freedom, although she wouldn’t have had the balls to make … Continue reading

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When a crab crawls out of its basket

From a very young age we are each cast into a mould. It shapes us as we shape it. We grow and evolve among like-minded people, or at least, among people who share a part of our mould. But as … Continue reading

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Epiphany @ 3am

It’s cold and it takes me and I hate you… …the mirror I hold to know I exist.

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